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  • City: Prescott
  • State: Arizona

Come explore the Prescott Circle Trail with our hiking and running tours.  

With our 5-day hiking package, experience the Circle Trail at your own pace, while relaxing at Prescott's most unique Bed & Breakfast, the Watson Lake Inn.  Wake up to breathtaking views of the Granite Dells around Watson Lake and enjoy a combination of hiking, relaxation and cooking classes offered by Master Chef Peter Gebauer, the owner of the B&B.  

For those of you looking for a daily outing, join our guides for an 8 to 10-mile hike and discover the Circle Trail at your own pace.  Perfect for local hikers and visitors who are looking for a unique experience.  

Prefer to run?  Join us for the Prescott Circle Trail Running Challenge:  three consecutive days of running with two nights of camping.  Cover 56 miles of running with over 6,500 feet of elevation gain.  Are you up for the challenge?  

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